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. But will ordinary cars and trucks be able to stand up to the new. Specially engineered flexible fuel vehicles (ffvs) can tolerate an e85 mixture of gasoline and ethanol.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles
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An alternative fuel vehicle is a vehicle that runs on a fuel other than traditional petroleum fuels (petrol or diesel fuel); It also indicates any technology of engine powering that does not entail solely petroleum (such as solar powered, electric car or hybrid electric vehicles). Discover the various alternative fuel options that can help save the environment in these free videos.

Due to a combination of heavy taxes on fuel, particularly in europe, tightening environmental laws, particularly in california, and the.

The car makers do not want to build vehicles for the general public that can only run on a special alternative fuel because the fuel is not readily available. Futuristic transportation is futuristic blog about future cars and unusual future vehicles. Do you need to convert lng can be used as car fuel, as well as cng (compressed natural gas) can. 8 alternative fuels that could replace oil.